The secret ingredient in our gin

You may have picked up a taste that is unique to the gin that we use in Greenleaf + Terroir - and this is what sets us apart.

And it's all down to our "secret" (or not so secret anymore) ingredient - Pinotage!

Gins get their taste from the distillation with juniper berries and the mix of botanicals that is unique to that brand. Many gins these days use interesting, locally sourced botanicals to give their product a flavour that is distinctive to them. We decided to use gin distilled with South African Pinotage grapes – for what is more reflective of our Cape region than our locally grown wine grapes?

The base spirit used in Greenleaf + Terroir is mixed with wine from Pinotage grapes (grown in the Durbanville area, just outside of Cape Town) and is then distilled further with juniper berries, hand-peeled lemons and limes, coriander and fennel.

We think that this simple combination makes our gin the very best that there is!